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Walk of Life / Levensloop

Academy Graduation Project, 2019

'Walk of Life' or in Dutch: 'Levensloop' is the project I graduated with from the Willem de Kooning Academy. 


Main Illustrations: print on fabric (different materials) 90X150cm, Film: projection on fabric 4 pieces (organza) 150X150cm, Background illustration of forest: print on fabric 260x500cm, added sound effects of birdsong and a babbling brook. 

Walk of Life is an installation with illustration, film and sound created to immerse you in nature and make you aware of (your) mortality, encouraging you to reflect on your life.  


The illustrations tell the story of the life of modern man in three phases: beginning (growing up), middle (adulthood) and end (death), and is accompanied by a selection of poems written by my father. 


The illustrations are printed on fabrics, each consists of a different material with a different level of transparency (the further in life, the more transparent the cloth). The film is a visualisation of all the good things in life that are easy to overlook, but are in the end all that matters. 

To read my research document:

'Trying not to Turn a Blind Eye:

How awareness of mortality can influence your life'

To read the poems and about the poetry:

'Walk of Life: 

Behind the poems'

Illustrations (click to view in detail)

Doek 3.jpg
Doek 2.jpg
Doek 1.jpg

Foto's of installation

Film: 'These are the things most beautiful in life'

Click below to go to the page with the complete film that is shown in the installation:

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